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Hello! I recommend you to add engine and license metadata. Read here how to do it.


why was this tagged music production??? not one bit of this game is related to making music

Thank you for reporting this! I removed that tag now, we must have added it accidentally.




could you maybe elaborate on what exactly you did not like?

it's a very short game and easy, but I really enjoy this! i hope to see more levels and more mechanics and more important more challenge! =)

Will you be making a full version of this game?

I have plans for at least another update, introducing different biomes, hazards, and mysterious temples!


Short but sweet... I really like the calm and chilling aspect of just roving around, finding stuff for people, kind of like Animal Crossing.. But at the same time, it kind of feels unfulfilling.


Yes, finding these gems feels currently not deserved. I need to add some kind of challenge. We had this idea of different biomes (desert, swamp, forest) and each of those has a huge temple with hazards and traps.

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good idea 👍

i would love to see this added :D


its adorable!!! i hope you make more!

which game engine did you used in this game

Godot Engine 3.2 - I will update the description!

nice 😊

amazing game! so cute! its so simple yet so entertaining! must play again!


Visuals are really good, like the way the music comes together, but the gameplay was lacking. As an experiment this is pretty cool but there just isn't anything in terms of gameplay, more than moving around. So cool music and art, but the game aspect of the game was lacking. Pretty good job though.

Oops, I have not stated in the description that this game has been built in 48 hours only and I was the only pixel artist/programmer on it. :)

For that you did a pretty good job :D

Ótimo jogo, me diverti bastante e aguardo novos conteúdos, coloquei um vídeo lá no canal, da um pulo lá!

Fun game

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The game seems great and has a lot of potential. I love the movement, the lighting and the art of the game. All it really needs is more content and a larger goal for the player to accomplish.