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So buetiful :)

Deleted 2 years ago
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Thanks for updateing it, I can finnaly make tools! Man an iron pickaxe is way better than a rusty copper!

Emiril is even stronger!

Ya, I finaly got it, it's instamine on everything I've tried so far! (I've only tried coal and rock though.)

One question, when does forgeing a pickaxe give it more mineing strength and speed? Is it when you get a good tempo? Is it just from hmmering it longer? Or something entirely different?

The forging mechanic currently is not really good and all you need to do it treat it with a lot of heat. So when the item is very hot and you forge it, then its forging score increases. The higher the forging score, the more bonus you get on both strength and speed. So technically, the strongest pickaxes can be forged by heating up your item and striking ONCE and then re-heating it (but it costs coal)

This game is amazing! I've just finished getting a Emiril pickaxe, and have been re-heating it to get the stats up, although it appears the stats have stopped going up, so I was wondering, is it just harder to bring the stats up when the forging score is higher, or is there a cap to how high the stats can get? thanks! :D


There is no cap! In future, you can forge better hammers to even get more out of the forging.

it won't let me heat up my bars

Do you have enough coal?


Are you on MacOS, Windows or browser?


Thank you - I'll work on a fix today.

Hello, i play on Mac and when i tried running the game it said its damaged and cant open. can somebody help me?

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Ah yes, this is a problem introduced by the new OSX update (safety feature). I am currently investigating that, as it prevents me from even opening up the game with Godot Engine on MacOS!

For a short-term fix, please try Step 4 on here: it helped me, too


The game is tons of fun already, I'm really looking forward to the finisshed product. A few questions though:

1. When an update comes out, will it be possible to update our old mountins, or will we have to start a new one?

2. Will the game ever be multiplayer?

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1. I am looking into ways to "preserve" old progress but that one will only be available by playing the old version of the game. The next version 0.2 will change drastically

2. I have currently no plans to add multiplayer but once the game is released and people want it I may add it


I got into the game and then decided to visit your Youtube channel, I went their and had to reload this tab because of it. I saw that the name I had given my save file had been saved but when I entered the world it restarted me from the beginning. The world has the same generation as if I have not touched it.

Deleted 2 years ago

I can reheat items, but when I do I can't move it to the anvil. If I drop it I can move but them it becomes unheated. I don't lose any coal in the process but I just can't keep forging it.

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Yes, this is a very annoying issue I am unsure about how to fix at the moment: the game currently does not have an auto-save function, so the only way to save is by exiting the game from the pause menu. On Desktop, closing the app itself will also save automatically. On browser though, reloading the tab/window does not allow me to "react" to it, well, because the browser will basically just kill the game.

Maybe a good way to solve this is to auto-save whenever the player does something important (like mining or forging), however, that might impact performance (as saving may take several seconds)

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This game is cool, and i made an iron blank but when i try to reheat it, it does reheat but i can't move when it does, i hold it in the tongs and interact with the furnace to reheat i have coal and it makes the blank red but i cant move unless i drop the bar and when i drop the bar it isn't heated and my coal wasn't taken. Apart from that this game is great, I love the art style and the idea of crafting a pick in a forge after making a bar instead of just buying upgrades like other games. keep up the good work

edit: This only happens on the mac version

This indeed sounds like a bug. You would be an absolute legend if you could record a video of this buggy behaviour. I'll try to fix it ASAP.

when i was in the process of recording It worked. I do swear the charactor was bugging out and the blank wouldn't reheat. False alarm ig, thanks for taking the time to reply and stuff. 


it happened again lol

I cant record it and i apologise i have tried but i just can't. whenever i think im recording im not. ty for your time this game is great and has alot of potential :D

Thank you. I will look into it. Other people reported something similar in the past.

where can i find Iron all i can find is coal

You need to dig deep into the mountain. It is rare on purpose, as the iron pickaxe is quite an upgrade

where do i find ores?

You need to mine rock with your pickaxe!

what are gems used for

Currently, they are kinda useless! In future, they will have multiple use cases. Stay tuned!

How do you destroy blocks? i'm not sure what to do exactly in the starter game, I've tried holding and clicking both return and left click but it doesn't seem to break blocks.

You need to pick up a pickaxe and have it actively selected. Maybe adding a feature to auto-select it when trying to mine might be useful.

please make this game available for 32 bit systems to...!!!.

should be available now!

Quick question... When I carry a heated ingot to the anvil, what button do I press on my keyboard? (or what do I click?)

have been playing for quite a bit now, pretty fun and it's got some real nice polish, I managed to get one ingot and two pickaxe blanks, but I don't know what exactly to do with them next, it says the blanks can be made into pickaxes, but there doesn't seem to be a way to reheat it so you can't actually forge it again, also the particle effects used when mining should either not appear at all or appear the entire time, because otherwise it's easy to get confused as to whether you're still mining the ore, I know that happened to me a couple times, at least

You should be able to reheat a blank in the forge with 5x coal by carrying it there and simply continue forging.

If this does not work it must be a bug. It would be amazing if you could record your screen.

In regards to the particles: this only happens on the web version due to performance reasons. I could try incrementing the overall particle count but I don't know how much this will impact performance.

got around to switching to the pc version and the reheating bug is still there, this time I recorded it, hope this helps

It says "The video is unavailable" - maybe because it is unlisted... feel free to send me the Youtube link to

I just realised it might've been unlisted before seeing your reply, should be fine now, I'm sorry for the mistake...

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Ahhh I see... you need to carry that item first with your tong.

This is quite confusing (but realistic). I am looking into ways to make this more obvious. Not a bug!

please make this game available for 32 bit systems to...!!!..

I will upload a 32bit version today! Sorry for forgetting that.

that will be cool!!..

where is it

Yep, that clearly did not work! Let me look into that.

Try again, please!

thank you


you know what would great, i compass to tell where your anvil and furnace are cause getting lost in this game is not a question it's a certainty and also you could make the ores more visible, cause having to pinch my eyes to search for one pixel of difference in random rock is very difficult

That has been one of the most frequent feedback by many. I will actually add this as a hotfix to this version! Thanks a lot.

added a compass!

i have no idea what is wrong with my ores, i've been heating them for a solid minute (i chronometed) and it won't forge

You can only forge bars. You need to smelt them first! I will add a better tooltip to indicate that.

i get that, i said forge but i mean't smelt which guess what, i also can't do it happens the exact same thing

you need 9x ore

guess what, i did get 9 ore and still show "insuficient ore"

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Have you tried again? Some of the ores required x10 (for example iron) and now everything should cost 8x ore. I released a patch 1 hour ago.


nice game

Thank you!

I wish I could right click or middle click for inventory... but this is a pretty cool concept. Also, zooming in will hide the controls- but that is not that big of a deal.

very nice game

Binge watched the devlogs and had to try the game. I suppose I will also try out the Devbuild on the Discord.
I appreciate the translation, that's a good thing to think about early on in game development.

One thing that I've noticed (you might've already fixed it), is that when you pick multiple items up at once (Ingots after smelting), then you only see one text to show what you have picked up. I'd suggest using multiple lines of text like in Terraria.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I am actually going to completely overhaul the item pickup. The Trello board of cave is public, so check this out:


I just watched all the devlogs, and im excited for the update to come to itch

Me, too!

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how do I make the anvil?

and is the new update public, or for download only and not for the browser?

The new update is not out yet, so the current version does not contain those changes. You can download the latest dev build on my Discord however, you require the 'Dwarf' role, which you get after being a bit active on the server!

You can see the current progress of the first 0.1 update here

oh i see ok thanks for the reply.


This game looks great, and could be super fun. But it's very empty right now :( Also, I have a suggestion. You should add Noita-like secrets, where there's little secret huts and houses and runes and just little secrets that the player can find to make them curious. :)

That's all planned!


i cant smelt I'm walking up to it but it doesn't work i have coal and 3 different types of ores please help

How many materials do you have?

  • Game looks cool, love the artwork and the mechanics.
    Jjust some pointers:

    * sound of hitting the rocks is to loud
    * Pickaxe looks like it has the shortkey "A", but thats for walking left
    * Can you please add also the cursor keys for moving? I'm left handed.

Hey! I recommend you joining our Discord to checkout the latest dev build (you need to be active just a bit on the server to unlock the access). The link is further up, just click that Discord button.

The dev build has all these changes and much more. The amazing Tom Smith joined me to redo all the sound effects and some of them are already available in the latest dev build! Playing the dev build also allows you to give feedback and report bugs.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

does not seem to work on itch app

Thank you for letting me know. Could you maybe provide some more information on the following:

- what is your operating system

- what graphics card do you have

- what is your screen resolution

- what itch app version do you use? I remember the latest one had a bug where any browser game for Unity/Godot would not work but that was fixed in the edge version

i use a windows computer, i have no idea what my graphics card is and the itch app updates everytime it launches so the most recent one? also unsure of screen resolution


i've been following your YouTube videos, and this is a pretty cool little game! at first, i didn't like that there was no menu for the smelter. but after playing it, i like it! :D


the window is glitched for me

Could you provide screenshots please?

sorry i can't

same its not showing all the window pls help

Again, please provide screenshots so I can understand what is happening on your machine.


- what is your operating system

- what graphics card do you have

- what is your screen resolution

- what is your browser/browser version


great game! looking forward to updates!


neat, can't wait for the update

I tried this out and it looks neat for just having the mining and smelting mechanic. Feels like a chill mining game and the sound effects are really nice. Hope to see more updates!

I see that you're redoing the sound effects on the trello page. I love the current sound effects. Right now I feel that they are one of the games biggest assets. For that reason I'm hoping you don't do anything drastic with the SFX. Then again, I'm only one voice of many. Looking forward to the things to come!


The sounds will be done by the amazing Tom Smith who is actually really good at making sound effects. The current sounds are grabbed from Youtube samples and in poor audio quality.

I will dedicate an own devlog to the sound design of cave, as it won't be as simple as playing a couple of samples. I have the idea to make the sound system dynamic and flexible, based on the area and objects in that area.

If you wanna see a bit more about what Tom does, he also worked with me on corg-e:

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Great game, its is awesome! Also, how do I close it? There is no menu and when I used F4 it turned my screen black and I had to restart my computer.

Also will the updates be free for the people who downloaded the alpha version? Its a really nice game, and if not I'll pay for it but just wondering.


A menu will be introduced with the next update. The final game won't be free, however, it won't be super expensive. Keep in mind that I am the only developer so the final release will be in many years from now!

Ok, thanks good to know. I hope that all goes well with the game, thanks for making a super fun game.

It's fun, I like it, really hoping to see the developments. It actually kept my interest so that's a keeper.

Is there a timeframe for when you want the next update to be out?

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I plan to release version 0.1 this Summer 2021. (Around June)


is the html5 not updated at all?

You can play the latest dev build on my Discord. This website will be updated once version 0.1 releases.

ah okay



I know this is kind of a dumb question but how do you use the furnace?


There are no dumb questions. Many people asked that before and it is currently not obvious.

You need to have the right amount of items in your inventory (e.g. Copper bar is 2x copper ore and 1x coal) and it will smelt it automatically once you stand in front of it.

With the next big update, this will completely change!

Thanks so much! By the way I love you other game 'The Commute' but I wish it was a bit longer. Thanks again.

I think if MC could have used Godot, we would have had a much better Minecraft.

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floaty controls, pickaxe doesn't work 100% of the time, closed it after 1min, only good thing is art style and sound.

> pickaxe doesn't work 100% of the time

What exactly did not work?

Also, by floaty controls, what exactly do you mean? The game is in very early development and I am looking for all the feedback so I can make this a fun experience.

I'm guessing they're talking about if you stand touching a wall on the left of the player, but the player is facing downwards, clicking the wall doesn't work - this is somewhat counter intuitive when using a mouse.

Otherwise, really nice work, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Art, sound and style all feel really nice so far.

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Yup, that will be all fixed! You will rotate in the direction you click, see this preview:

I think you should always face the mouse icon- which would eliminate that weirdness.

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