The title of this game is a placeholder and will be updated once the game reaches pre-alpha status! This game is still in EARLY DEVELOPMENT. 

In this exploration Craft'em-Up, you will uncover the mysteries of a mountain and the legends surrounding its inhabitants.

On your journey, you will forge mighty tools and rediscover long-forgotten knowledge.

WASD - movement

Left-Click/ENTER - mine or forge

Drag & Drop - move items around and drop them on the floor

B - Open Bag

E - Interact

Spacebar - Hold Item with tong

  • 🔥 walk around with WASD, Click to mine materials
  • 🔥 walk to the furnace to smelt ingots
  • 🔥 drag & drop items from your inventory
  • 🔥 heat up items with your iron tong
  • 🔥 procedurally generated caves
  • 🔥 forge tools with your hammer
  • 🔥 find rare gems and materials
  • 🔥 open chests and store items in them

Also planned:

  • (coming soon!) 🤠 Make friends with Dwarves!
  • (coming soon!) 🦇 Fight enemies
  • (coming soon!) 🗻 Solve puzzles and explore a vast mountain area!

Hey, my name is Miguel and I am a game developer from Germany, currently living in London. This is my first game I have ever built with Godot Engine, to learn more about the journey feel free to checkout my devlog series:


I am working on this game every week and try to produce a devlog after each milestone. So rather than having weekly devlogs, I try to summarise progress in a high quality video.

If you are further curious about the current progress, you can checkout the following:


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cave.exe 73 MB
Version 0.1.10
cave-32.exe 73 MB
Version 0.1.10
cave.x86_64 80 MB
Version 0.1.10 50 MB
Version 0.1.10

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Great start! I'm excited for all the upcoming features!

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im glad to see this game still getting updates, will there be a use for diamonds and gold in the future?

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okay so i played this for a bit, got an emril pickaxe then i left. later i came back, it remembered the name of the mountain but when i loaded the save i lost everything :(

anyways amazing game i love it

New update drops this year.

it says on the development log that you already added Dwarven NPCs but there arent any. is there only dwarfs on the downloadeble version?

The new build is almost there. Just ironing out some bugs.

Good base game, can't wait to see what you do with it!
Very Beautiful omg.
Sounds are pleasant & the atmosphere is calm and
un-nerving at the same time.


Coal at least needs to be more common, it took me like 15 minutes just to find enough coal to power the forge.


This game is incredibly gorgeous!

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Hi bitbrain! you are awesome and I love your videos. I had previously downloaded your game for Mac, and it gave me the error: " 'cave' is damaged and can't be opened." and where I got it, which is here. I thought I would let you know! 

Mind the purple :P

This is a known issue and I have yet to fix it. :(


Alright, but keep up the good work, Renommierter Meister!!


really cool game, realy polished and calm, if I changed anything it´d be just a tiny bit more ores and some companion, a dog or something


no ores to mine load in the browser version just chests and a big empty map

this explains why I was just walking around a whole bunch of empty caves... I was very confused!

edit: from looking at other comments, I think it's these bits that are for mining:

I can't do it though as I don't have a pickaxe and haven't been able to find more than two chests after wandering for about 15 minutes :(

Erstmal eine gute Idee :) Aber ich hätte mir die Geschwindigkeit wie bei der Eisenspitzhacke zu Anfang gewünscht … Der Seltenheitsgrad von höheren Erz finde ich zu hoch …

Danke sehr fürs Feedback! Jau, das ist aktuell nervig. Wird mit dem nächsten Build geändert!

Browser Ver is just black screen & custom cursor, but there is some sound response to clicking/etc.
Download of Mac Ver says it's Corrupted.

Thank you for reporting this. What browser version did you try with? Also, what is your Operating System?

It's fun! I'm looking forward to the enemies and NPCs. 

It's a little hard to see which rocks have ore sometimes. What if you could get a lantern or something from the dwarves at some point in the future?

can you make an option to craft hammers? i would like to  be able to use better hammers, like an emiril hammer.

Hammers can be crafted on the latest development build accessible on my Discord! (you'll need to be active there to be able to play it)

Is this the best pickaxe you can get?

Right now, yes.



I finally achieved my goal! I cleared out a whole map (or at least the rectangle of map that isn't fully filled in) as well as a sizeable bit of its sides after some mess ups, after doing so I have 1136 coal, 732 copper ore, a clean 100 iron ore, 57 gold ore, 54 emiril ore, 36 rubies and 11 diamonds

should mention I've started doing this on an earlier build before anything too crazy was added so there were only two bases and chests

also I've done this over the span of several months, but if I were to sum it all up I think it would be a little under two weeks worth of non-stop digging 

Gave it a try. The font is very _very_ hard to read. Love the art style though.

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Watched some of your videos recently which brought me here to give this a go.

I didn't look at comments or at any instructions on the page.

- Took me a while to figure out that I had to have ore in the action bar and have it selected to use/activate the furnace. I left and came back to the furnace about 3-4 times before I finally stumbled upon it.

- After smelting some copper bars, I didn't really get the point of grabbing and cooling. I tried to grab and forge but that didn't seem to work. I smelted about 5 bars at once and it caused some glitching/problems for grabbing them.

- I tried to forge some things but don't understand how to get a heated item onto the anvil. I gave up at that point.

- I felt odd not having a specific objective. Should be I collecting copper or iron? How much do I need? How much coal should I get? Just felt at a bit of a loss. Should I just gather forever since there is no weight concerns?

- I think you should randomize the initial state of ore based on rarity. In short, show more copper states instead of just one pixel. It's fun to see veins and look at so have a lot of copper fully exposed to various extents with more hidden near by. It's also a joy to have a few easy (one shot) picks to mix it up.

- The game was a bit sluggish for me on my low end system and the sounds were often times choppy and glitchy. Felt like they were competing with other things. Maybe not enough channels?

_ I played the web version. Not sure if another is available.


Very valuable feedback, thank you so much. A lot of these concerns were also expressed by many others and I already have made plans how to address most of them.

Thank you for spending time with my little prototype! ♥️

This game is LIT dude (Pun Intended)... it's really good

i can't reheat things

i have the coal and the bar but it does not let me

You are carrying the bar to the furnace with your tong? What does it say as a message when you do so?

yes i do carry it with the tongs

and it gives me the prompt to reheat but when i try to do it with a different bar it won't let me, and the prompt never shows up again

i just found 3 emitil

solved it you have to put to bar on the floor then grab it with the tongs

the game is not running on my browser anymore, i run the game, create a new world and when i try to run it the game goes to the load screen and it became a black screen with a 0,5s sound repeating forever

That sounds concerning. Does it happen even if you delete the save game?

its funny when you burn the letter; great game bro

can someone please explain how to forge im holding the hammer and the iron bar but it wont turn into a pickaxe

Hey there - you need to first heat up the ingot before doing that, as you cannot really forge material that is cold.

I will completely revamp the forging in the next update to make it more intuitive!


another hot Title, buddy boy, thanks for itching It out

hope to see some good levels of platforms, into towering shadows, keep up the good work

I decided to make a hideout in the western wall of the map. I've included three screenshots of the central room, storage, and entrance. This game's a good way to spend time! It has the Minecraft-y quality to it, where there isn't an objective so your mind and mouse can go wild!

I'll definitely keep that part of the game but in future will introduce a linear story, too.

you should stick some emril ore in the wall to light your rooms up, it really makes a difference.

If I can find any :|

Is there any way to craft/find higher tier hammers, or are you stuck with just copper ones?

Higher tier hammers are coming in future!

idk why but the games bugging out my computer

what exactly is happening? What are your system settings?

and what do i do with rubys

Nothing yet. They will become useful in future!

how do i make my hammer better

You might find another hammer in the world. That might help you to reforge your hammer!


Also, it would be really nice if some update added a way for the player to move faster, although I understand that you are busy with much bigger game mechanics than that right now.


Torches and glowing mushrooms haven't been added yet, so I decided to light my base up with some Emiril!

This is so cool!!


This not a bug so much as a error in game desighn, but once you put items into a stack, you can't seperate them again, for example, you can not seperate five coal into a stack of three coal and two coal.

Hey there! Separating stacks will be implemented eventually!

cool! Although, I was playing around and found a way to do it! By dropping the stack then picking up a single item with tongs, then pick up the single item, and hold it with your cursor while pressing e to pick up the dropped items, you can seperate a stack, I know it's complicated, but now I can have my first ore mined seperate from all my others!

you can separate! Just drop it and pick it up with pliers!

I finnsly got the game downloaded! so I don't have to stick to the web build, and can save my progress! Really looking forward to future updates.

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Sooo... we can't forge hammers. At least we can reforge rusty hammer with a hammer from a chest in a loop.

And here I thought that letter was fireproof.

How much coal do I need to turn it into a bar, and then how long do I need to hammer it to turn it into a diamond?

Hah, you found my little letter burn feature! Currently, you can only smelt iron, emiril and copper into bars, 5 coal each.

2 ideas for ya:
1) Heating heated item makes it hot for longer (maybe until melting at some point)

2) If you put an item near anvil it "snaps/attaches" to it so you can combine more items in the craft (for setting gems in tools, or making combined recipes (1 ingot = pickaxe, 2 ingots = hammer (but hammer would have to be huge since more material is involved and be but behind back, not in the pocket or backpack)))

Hi! I found this via Youtube. I tried the game and I really like the way it looks. This seems to be interesting project and I'll be waiting for future updates.

I found an exploit: While mining, if I release mouse1 after hit and press again -> it mines faster, because I don't have to watch the ending animation after hitting a rock. Kinda speedrunner effort because timing the mouse-presses but anyways: just letting you know!


Yeah that is known. I think it is not as bad because you need to constantly abort the animation. If a speedrunner wants to do that, that's fine with me.

Thanks for playing!





Wow! Not much to it, but I already love it!  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this.  Keep up the good work!

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I love the look of the emril pickaxe but if you could make it so that if ur holding a pick its in your hand but if your not holding it its holstered on a belt and visible that would be cool and a nice attention to detail :)

Oh and making coal appear a bit more often would be great. Awesome game great work, definitely a 10/10 game when it comes to graphics and when its done, 10/10 in all aspects :D

Thank you, great feedback!

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