Legend of the Forge Update (v0.1)

The first update Version 0.1 of cave has finally arrived! A lot has changed since the first prototype available on itch.io. Please keep in mind that this game is still in an early prototype stage and not all core systems have been developed yet. Also, cave is just a working title and might change for the final release of the game.

Visual Overhaul

The visuals have been improved by updating animations and sprites.

Procedural Generation

The cave now is completely procedurally generated based on the world name provided! Happy exploring.


It is now possible to forge your own tools. Currently, only Emeril, Copper, and Iron can be forged into a pickaxe.

Quality of Life improvements

You can now have up to two save games and the game provides you now with additional settings in the pause menu that allow you to play the game how you like it.

Full Patchnotes

Here is the complete list of all changes that are part of this release.


✨ You can now create up to two save games. They get saved whenever you exit the game.
✨ Caves are now procedurally generated based on the seed provided
✨ Introduced mineral clusters that depend on the seed provided
✨ Added additional visual feedback on mining
✨ Introduced a new item bar that acts as additional inventory space
✨overhauled the inventory system
✨added a pause menu
✨smelting now happens when selecting ore from your item bar
✨introduced interaction tooltips that tell you when you can interact with something
✨UI now shows control bindings (can be turned off in settings)
✨Mining can now aim towards the mouse direction (turned off by default)
✨Mouse can now be hidden when the controller is connected (turned off by default)
✨Added new items: Copper Hammer, Emiril, Emiril Bar, Emiril Pickaxe
✨Overhauled item tooltips when hovering an item
✨Using the furnace now costs 5 coal per use
✨Introduced heating mechanic. Walk to a furnace to heat up any item!
✨Introduced forging tong mechanic. Carry any item. Especially useful to carry heated materials.
✨Introduced new forging mechanic. Only possible with heated materials!
✨Introduced oil bath to cool down any heated item
✨Pickaxes now have mining speed and mining strength attributes that can be increased through forging
✨Hammers now have a forging speed attribute that can be increased through forging
✨Added chests that may contain loot. Can be reused as a storage
✨Reworked the loot popup to be more immersive
✨Added new user settings for master volume and toggling various behaviors of the game
✨Added new sound effects to various places (by Tom Smith)
✨Added new soundtrack (by Laslo Jott)
✨It is now possible to walk into one direction and keep mining. The player does not mine "into the air" any longer


🐛 fixed an issue where the item tooltip would have a wrong position
🐛lighting should now behave correctly when stacking a lot of items on top of one another
🐛addressed various issues around mining animations
🐛significantly reduced the number of errors shown in the console
🐛UI components should not auto-focus any longer
🐛fixed various issues regarding cursor sizes on larger and smaller screens


If you want to know how I implemented all these changes, I documented everything in my devlog series on Youtube:

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