Step into the mysterious world of Endorphin, a game that combines eerie adventure with brain-teasing fun! In this dark and atmospheric journey, you are the key to happiness in a brain filled with shadows. Your mission: navigate the twisty, shadow-filled pathways to collect endorphins and deliver them safely to their receptors.

But be careful! Lurking in the darkness are blue emotions, eerie figures that you must avoid at all costs. This game is a thrilling blend of strategy and suspense, perfect for those who love a good brain challenge with a spooky twist. Are you ready to brave the shadows and bring light to the brain?

How to play

WASD, controller or click to move

Avoid blue spheres

Collect yellow spheres.

How it was built

This game has been created within 16 hours of dev time live on bitbrain's Youtube channel. Checkout the VOD here:

Day 1 (Saturday)

Day 2 (Sunday)


Coding, art and music by bitbrain

Technologies used

Godot Engine, Aseprite, Ableton Live


Download 43 MB
Version 24 Jan 28, 2024
Download 40 MB
Version 24 Jan 28, 2024
Download 63 MB
Version 24 Jan 28, 2024


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