The future of Fishmonger

What a ride the minibeansjam has been! Simon and I are big fans of and we already participated in previous gamejams organised by Dima & Co. This time we decided to pair up again to build something fun, stupid and entertaining at the same time. After 48 hours we eventually created "Fishmonger" - a fast-paced action fishing game.

Simon (k0stnix) has been responsible for creating these sick Gameboy audio tunes, which also inspired us to go full oldschool Gameboy palette. This allowed us to concentrate on game design, rather than working on complex animations and spritesheets. I focused on creating the game logic in braingdx (a gamejam framework written by myself, based on libgdx).

Unfortunately, we could not finish our vision within 48 hours, we actually had much more planned but eventually we ran out of time.

Future updates

We are excited to announce that we'll still deliver our final vision:

  • more, different types of fish - not all fish can be catched anymore! Special items are required
  • Shopkeeper - a suspicous-looking vendor with a giant hat has turned up and is now selling really expensive stuff. Finally something to spend all the money on
  • New fishing rod level system - the fishing rod now can be upgraded
  • New secret NPC is now showing up in some levels
  • New, additional levels
  • Better distribution of fish (more complex levels will have more rare fish)
  • Better catching statistics in the main menu
  • Android, OSX and Linux build!

The update will be available in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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Version 32 Feb 26, 2019

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