The Shopkeeper Update is live!

It is finally here! The shopkeeper update brings new features to the game and improves existing functionality:

  • Full Xbox Controller support!
  • A new shopkeeper has been added and is accessible via the title screen
  • The help menu has been improved
  • Fish AI is now smarter and is trying to swim away from you
  • Flying fish has been removed
  • A new fish type "Strider" has been added
  • Bag capacity has been reduced down to 3 slots by default, additional slots can be bought at the shopkeeper
  • New bags are now available: 4 slots, 6 slots and 8 slots
  • New fishing hooks are now available for purchase
  • Bonus system has been completely reworked - you now require at least 4 different fish to get a x4 multiplier or/and at least 4 same fish to get a x2 multiplier. These multipliers stack with the x8 legendary bag!

If you have any feedback or bugs, feel free to report them!

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