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Have you ever forgot about your plant for 2 weeks, returned to it and wondered how it’s still alive?  (Cactuses being the exception here)
Call it luck. Call it fate. We think it’s a kodama’s work!

In the demo version of Hamorigami, you play a day in the life of a tree spirit, Kodama. 
Kodama has a special link to its home, a bonsai tree: if the bonsai is healthy, so is Kodama. However, if the tree begins to wither, so will Kodama.

And while humans are away, kodama come out to play—and fight!
Pesky Water Spirits from rain will always lead to overwatering. And while some Sun Spirits are fine, they might dry out the soil too much. 
It’s your job as Kodama to protect its home by maintaining the balance. 

Good luck!

The team

Programming by bitbrain

Graphics and animations by punchcafe

audio by k0stnix

graphics design by keepmguessing

writing by inessantial

special thanks to osakaran for singing

🐛 Reporting Bugs

Any bugs? Please report them here.

This game has been created within 72 hours during Ludum Dare gamejam.



hamorigami-windows.zip 79 MB
Version 44 Jun 09, 2020
hamorigami-mac.zip 79 MB
Version 43 Jun 09, 2020
hamorigami-linux-amd32.zip 83 MB
Version 43 Jun 09, 2020
hamorigami-linux-amd64.zip 83 MB
Version 43 Jun 09, 2020


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The game is fun! Maybe the only problem I had was that the game talked about balance at the beginning, so I thought I had to keep the water level in the middle. But after several deaths :D I figured out I have to keep it at the bottom. It is quite late to post a comment as I can see, but for example, it really helped me to see the perspective of the others when testing my games to see what was and what wasn't obvious to them, depending on the experience you already have, this comment may be at least useful to you. - Adject