The Last Seed is a game about a small forest spirit who is on a quest to restore planet earth to its former glory. Thousands of years have passed and humanity has destroyed everything in their path. At this point in time, humanity no more but the spirit remains.
One day it discovers a little seed and takes control over it. With this seed the player embarks on a beautiful journey to plant trees and bring back nature into the world.

The gameplay itself is a “Angry Birds” style sidescroller where the player can swipe + release to shoot the seed in any direction. By collecting water droplets, the seed will soak up. Eventually, with enough water collected, a new tree will grow and produce a new seed.

The goal is to grow as many trees as possible (my personal record is 5)

The Team

bitbrain - coding, art, game concept

Andrea Baroni - audio design

Lucia La Rezza - Violin

Technologies used

Godot Engine 4 (Beta 17)


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, chill, gamedevlondon, ggj2023, Global Game Jam, godot4, godot-engine, nature, Pixel Art


MacOS Build - Alpha 1 (GGJ Edition) 60 MB
Download 58 MB
Version 1 Jan 17, 2024
Download 34 MB
Version 1 Jan 17, 2024
thelastseed-alpha1.exe 80 MB
Version 1 Jan 17, 2024
Windows Build - Alpha 1 (GGJ Edition) 36 MB
MacOS Build - Alpha 2 64 MB
Windows Build - Alpha 2 36 MB

Install instructions

When using alpha1: GAME CRASHES AFTER GAME OVER! This issue is fixed since alpha2


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cute, but there are 2 things. 1: you can just stand in one place and wait until you grow, allowing you to make infinite trees without moving. 2: lava pools often generate in a way, they're impossible/very hard to jump over

Very cute idea but it would really help with accessibility to have option for keyboard controls. I can't play more than 10 seconds on PC personally, keyboard would be much more available.

Maybe keyboard, keypress time = strength and a small visual indicator would help? ❤

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Fun and interesting idea! Some feedback on presses would help a lot.

Fun gameplay and cute style!